Workbook, another extension of the Hobo Wine Company, exclusively produces wine packaged in kegs. Workbook was named to acknowledge the work in progress of kegs generally and our quest to provide well-made honest wines at by-the-glass and house wine prices.
The standard and ongoing offerings are blended non-varietal, vintage-dated, California White and Red table wines. Consistent with our entire line-up, the Workbook wines are sourced from Sustainable, Organic, or Biodynamic vineyards. The wines are made simply without added yeasts, bacterias, or other unneccesary additives and sulfur levels are kept to a minimum.
The Petainer Keg that we are using is a one-way BPA free plastic keg that is able to be degassed, crushed, and recycled curbside. Though it is a departure from the stainless steel kegs that we were originally working with, our research suggests that the overall carbon footprint of the Petainer keg is actually lower than the stainless steel keg.