Villa Zarri is a most renowned manufacturer of Italian Brandy.

Young Guido Fini Zarri carried on his grandfather and father’s brandy business but came to the conclusion that it was possible to produce a superior class brandy in Italy. Guido had been investing time and effort in the attempt to “pave the way” for this project for some years. Since the harvest of 1986 he has been using a Charentais alembic from Cognac to brew Trebbiano wine thus beginning a high-quality limited production. Encouraged by the excellent results of wine certification in Italy and desiring to spread a culture of brandy and share his passion, Guido organized a very successful popular scientific conference on “Original Italian Brandy” in 1987.

In 1990 Guido Fini Zarri began his first distillation of Villa Zarri Brandy by means of a discontinuous method in compliance with a strict regulation similar to the French Cognac. A completely natural product, it is derived from brewing Trebbiano wine from Tuscany and Emila-Romagna. The result is a top quality brandy endowed with great style which fears no comparison.

The discontinuous method is a very slow process, through which it is possible to obtain a concentration of great and intense aromas and, at the same time, to eliminate the heads and tails of the distillate. The wine, or nectar, that results has an alcohol level of 72%, and is colorless. This raw spirit is racked in small barrels with a capacity of 350 liters. Only French oak wood from the Massif Central area is used, and specifically from the forests of Allier and Limousin. The aging period allows the young spirit to undergo a series of essential physio-chemical changes that result in the subtle metamorphosis of the brandy’s components.

The tannins, which are present in the wood from which the barrels are made, are slowly released in the aging brandy thus contributing to its color, perfume, and flavor. As the aging process continues, the brandy is racked from newer barrels to older barrels. The tannins of the barrels pass to brandy, giving flavors, aromas, tannin and color. Slow and controlled oxidation is encouraged to further enhance and modify the flavor and bouquet of the finished brandy. Consider that because of the evaporation; of the initials 100 liters there are only 60-65 liters of final product. A considerable sacrifice, but necessary to allow the distillate to concentrate and find its own balance.

Villa Zarri’s efforts are aimed at finding the ideal balance between the concentrated aromatic elements characteristic of their products and the rather “aggressive” nature of alcohol. At the end of the aging period, which is different for our various products, they are ready to bottle with no need for further interventions or manipulations with the exception of a light filtration. A completely natural product; they never use preservatives, additives or adjust the color for any reason.

From the beginning, the results were exciting and since then the quality put in the art of distillation have not changed. Despite the success, the goal remains the highest quality; a handmade product made by one man.

Villa Zarri dates back to 1578. In the 18th century, the Villa was completely restructured. The original square plan is modified into the present structure with a rich and elegant “Tympanum” at its center and a magnificent park to surround the building. Today, the Villa is open to the public and is host to art exhibits, classical music concerts, ballets, and music shows. The marvelous frescoed salons, the secular park, and an atmosphere of refined elegance make Villa Zarri perfect for social and promotional events.