Vela was founded by Arié Dahan, Beth Ann Dahan and Max Risman who are based in Boston, MA, USA. Captivated with the country and people of New Zealand, the three decided to combine their passion for fine wine and their love of adventure and launch Vela Wines in 2011. Their family and friends thought they were crazy for going halfway around the world to buy a vineyard but a country like New Zealand is impossible to resist!

Vela currently owns vineyard land in Central Otago and is producing Pinot Noir and Riesling and plans to expand production to other varietals. In the future, Vela will partner with other New Zealand wineries to export other outstanding wines from Central Otago and other regions in New Zealand. Vela’s mission is to share with everyone the stunning wines of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Vela’s first wines will be labeled with the name Twelfth Night. Why Twelfth Night? During Beth Ann, Arie and Max’s first trip to New Zealand, they were astounded by the beauty of the stars in the night sky. They made a trip up to the astronomical observatory on Mount John next to Lake Tekapo on the twelfth night of their trip and were blown away by the beauty of the sky. The following day they found the vineyard that they ultimately purchased. They vowed to give their future wine a name that would pay homage to the night sky and reflect the sense of adventure and exhilaration fitting of their exciting project into the world of New Zealand wine.