c., Abbreviation: ca. (used with a date) at the approximate time of: circa 1182 bc.

Latin, from circum around
First Known Use: 1861


Sitting in a darkened auditorium, slides of a Gothic cathedral were projected on a screen. Suddenly, the sounds of Gregorian chants were heard. In that moment, I knew I had to study Art History.

It wasn’t the aesthetic merit of a piece of art that inspired exploration. It was the artist, the region, the raw materials, social hierarchies, wealth, symbolism, and political influence. The story behind the work was endlessly fascinating.

Years later, I discovered wine. It is an exploration of the raw materials, the regions, the winemaker, the stories, terroir, money and the influence of critics. A second topic for life-long learning had been revealed.

My love of a story and a natural desire to work with others became a career in art and design as an independent business owner. In 2010; wine became the focus.

Circa Wines is a niche collection; it will please some but not all. But it is the details and the stories that make each wine worthy of introduction.

Circa: the date is now the vintage.