Tenuta Gorghi Tondi is one of the most fascinating estates in Sicily, located within the WWT Nature Reserve since 1998.

Anna-Maria and Carla Sala are the third generation that caries through the traditions and the passion for winemaking and earth. Being part of the WWF Nature Reserve the land where the Tenuta is built is a clear example of a unique, harmonious and complete balance between natural landscape and winemaking.

At Tenuta Gorghi Tondi winemaking becomes an artful combination of understanding the earth and being able to use the latest technology and tools. It is a truly remarkable cooperation between the human knowledge and the power of nature.

To make wine, they not only cultivate the land, but work with respect for the nature reserve. The green attitude is a crucial component of their work. Environmental protection, low environmental impact, eco-sustainability and maximum control and care of the entire production in harmony with nature that hosts us. Without the help of synthetic chemicals and without the use of genetically modified organisms get grapes from excellent quality, to preserve the aromas and flavors that this wonderful land gives us.

The land is an average height of 25 meters above sea level and is extremely fertile and irrigated lowland, mainly of medium texture totally, tending to limestone, with a great depth and permeability. Soil that is particularly suitable for viticulture.

Immersed in the nature the vines found their way through olive trees, cactus pear and dwarf palms. The area and the climate contribute to create unique wines that are a symbol of the land and the history of Sicily.

Majestic trees, anemones and wild orchids, kestrels, fish hawks and little bitterns are all part of the scenery that makes the estate truly “the vineyard of oasis”.