“As you contemplate your 1st bottle of Pierre Angulaire Bordeaux Blanc, I have to confess; there’s a secret to share… While Bordeaux is a cornerstone support for the concept of red wine terroir, and though I make a Merlot-driven wine called “Pentimento” in Montagne-St Emilion, I actually drink more white wine than anything else.

In an effort to quench my literal and professional thirst for white wine in Bordeaux, I have now arrived in the ‘Pellegrue’ sector, near the commune of Landerrouat, in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers. My mentor and friend, Stéphane Derenoncourt, started this project in four gravelly-clay and limestone parcels that are harvested by hand, and vinified separately, employing a slow press and temperature controlled fermentations via wild yeast, in stainless steel tanks.

The name pierre angulaire is how one says ‘cornerstone’ in French. In older days, as one set out to build a house, an offering of wine was often placed on that key block of stone, from which all the future stones were to be balanced. It was symbolic of the produce of the people who were to live in that place and the means of their subsistence.

Suffice it to say, white wine is a cornerstone in any house I’m going to live in, and now, I have my pierre angulaire in position.”

Winemaker Michele D’Aprix