Marchesi Bassini estate is located in Crespina near the main harbor for shipping Italian wines all around the world. The family has been producing wine since the 1882 and Monica Marcucci now runs the company.

The estate is 40 hectares, the vineyard, spur pruned cordon as drilling system, cultivated mostly with Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, has a hilly configuration, and thanks to the mild climate influenced by the proximity of the sea, the particular nature of light and sandy soil it is possible to produce wines with great elegance.

The estate vineyard is grown with organic methods, according to the philosophy of natural farming and it’s an important reference point for various research projects aimed at integrating conservation and human-plant-animal balance. The wines of Marchesi Bassini are the result of careful viticulture, which seeks to express faithfully the quality of the territory.

All the works in the vineyards are carefully followed by Monica Marcucci and her staff, selection of the grapes, green harvest and handpick harvest and work with Castellani cellar whose modern facilities and advanced equipment for vinification and bottling achieves the best quality for these wines.

The Estate is also a protected area for hares, which live undisturbed and well integrated in our environment: the hare, animal very sensitive, is the best witness to an ecologically balanced and non-polluted area, while, the oldest winery of Marchesi Bassini, with features vaulted ceilings, has been turned into a beautiful and unusual environment.