“It happened on my summer vacation in 1954.

My parents stopped at Italian Swiss Colony in Asti, California right here in Sonoma County, to tour and taste the wines. This was my first time at a winery. In the warm sun, green grapevines danced in a soft breeze. In the cool winery, large hoses were coiled like snakes on wet concrete floors next to gigantic redwood vats. When no one was looking I stuck my head in the open manhole of a vat and breathed in the exotic smells of fruit and wine. I was smitten with it all. The wine bug bit me right there and then. I had just turned 8.

From that winery visit I was enchanted and needed to grow grapes and make wine.

My dream came true in 1976 when my late wife, artist Judith Gannon and I got the license and equipment for Frick Winery and began making wine in a tiny insulated corrugated metal shed. We had sold the 1957 Chevy and emptied our savings account. We were broke but happy. We had our own little winery and it was heaven to us.

I continue to work alone employing natural, tried and true traditional methods while making small batches of wine gently by hand.”

Frick Winery – Founded 1976 – Bonded Winery #4771

Founder/Owner/Winemaker: Bill Frick

Chief Bottle Washer: Bill Frick

Tasting house staff/host: Bill Frick

Vineyard worker: Bill Frick

Cellar Rat: Bill Frick