Etrusca Velia

The pre-Italian civilization of antiquity, the ancient Etruscans, a wonderfully enigmatic, early winemaking culture, inspired our endeavor, Etrusca.

Etrusca represents our way of honoring our personal connection to the past through wine. The idea of Etrusca began out of a desire to learn of family roots; reaching far into our ancestry to uncover more about where we are from, and our winemaking history, by exploring, and ultimately celebrating how we arrived where we are today.

Our enthusiasm for these pursuits led us to the idea of an unlimited source of artistic expression in wine we call Etrusca.

Our mission is to create a palate of flavors that range from elegant to bold expressions through blending our wines. Honing our skills in the art of blending affords us an exciting exercise in endless possibilities. And, with a focus on blending, we can achieve our objective of crafting wine blends that are an expression of our passion.

Etrusca is our quest for growing and sourcing the best wine grapes, brought together in the spirit of discovery, with a goal of producing interesting and delicious wines. Sourcing fruit from an unlimited number of carefully chosen vineyard sites, and assembling specifically selected varieties of winegrapes from one or more appellations to make our wine blends is the essence of Etrusca.