Distilleria Giovi is a young company founded in 1987 by Italian Master Distiller Giovanni La Fauci with head offices in Valdina, near Messina. A region that benefits from a warm Tyrrhenian climate, it opens up to reveal the natural beauty of Capo Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands.

The distilled raw materials come only from fine Sicilian vineyards. The fruit is gathered from cultivations that lay on the slopes of Mount Etna, the marc, pomace, comes from Pantelleria, the Aeolian Islands, from the Marsala region, Noto and other famous Sicilian wine producing regions. Our distillers reproduce entirely and harmoniously the characteristics of the raw materials used, enhancing to the maximum the perfume and the aromatic pleasantness.

Giovi La Fauci built his first still when he was 13 years old.

“I started with 48 Kg of apples, an experimental brewing kit and all the passion that can transform a hobby into a real vocation. I learned through reading and trying the ancient techniques, distilling marc I gathered visiting the local vineyards. Experimenting from time to time with new and diverse techniques, building my own tools loving them as my own creations. All this to achieve the method, the most adequate technique for obtaining that perfect result that is the restitution of taste and an unmistakable perfume.

And that’s how the Giovi distillery was born with the intent of never giving up the continuous research for quality, never stop caring and for the love that I have for my work, from beginning to end, I’m dedicated to this job.”

The still, an antique “ZADRA”, is a discontinued bain-marie modified in places by Master Distiller Giovanni La Fauci to better meet his requirements.

The marc contained in the still is slowly heated to reach the necessary temperature to allow the evaporation of the alcohol. That contributes to having a correspondence between the perfume of the raw materials and that of the final product. The heads and tails are discarded by the master distiller because every marc has to be treated separately. Every “coti” lasts between four and five hours and every still has a capacity of around 4.5 quintals. Before being distilled the marc undergoes rigorous olfactory controls carried out by the Master Distiller himself to verify the quality and to select the finest.

The distillate obtained, at around 76 degrees is transferred into stainless steel containers and left refining for 6 to 8 months; subsequently it gets diluted with mountain spring water so to reach the desired alcoholic strength (each product has its own alcoholic strength in order to achieve the right olfactory and gustatory balance). Before it reaches the market the product undergoes a further refinement in bottles for 4 to 6 months.

“The installations are built so to maintain and the unadulterated and distinctive flavors of Sicilian fruit, that is chosen and selected with great care from regions that are cultivated following natural procedures. This is why our distillates are unique, and every vintage presents small differences depending on the atmospheric conditions and the way they affect the fruit itself. The excellence of our distillates is easily recognizable, and as you taste the flavor you share with me that same passion.”