Gine Gine Priorat

Priorat D.O.

Buil & Giné Wine Co. started wine elaboration in the winter of 1996 and, in the spring of 1998, they introduced their first wine, Giné Giné 1997.  The wine was named after the founder’s grandfather who had always been a wine grower and active member of the wine industry in Priorat.

The present generation is dedicated to growing grapes and producing outstanding wines in each of the two leading wine making regions, Priorat and Montsant D.O., located in northeastern Spain.

Our mission is to make wines that possess the soul of the earth they are born from, that are representative of their origin, and at the same time to make them honest, refined and affordable for everyone, so that even those who say they “don’t know much about wine” can understand and enjoy them.

At Buil&Giné…

We make wines respecting all the objectively measurable parameters that define a wine as perfect.

We make our wines taking the fullest advantage of the intrinsic characteristic of the grape varieties of each region. We cultivate our wines.

Our wines are easy to understand thanks to their versatility. They are refined and pleasant, conveying elegance and expressivity.

We believe that enjoying a good wine should be within everyone’s reach.

“Passion for fruit, appreciation for wood, and respect for the soil. Harmony and balance”    Buil & Giné.