Custoza Italy

Albino Piona and his family, have been growing grapevines and producing white, red and rosé wines in the heart of Custoza area since before the Unity of Italy.

Albino, the “wine craftsman” as he defines himself, follows personally his “paintings”, that are his wines, from the first sprouts on the grapevines, to the harvest, to the wine-making and to the final bottling. He follows this all with great respect towards the tradition, but at the same time taking constantly care of the new technologies and possible improvements by applying modern techniques

It all began in 1893 in the “Bellavista” neighborhood, on the highest hillock of the hill of Custoza, from where you can enjoy a full view on the Pianura Padana. At that time, the landowner Albino Piona, in order to sell his products in Verona and Mantova, used to travel with a “passport for the interiors”, which is still proudly conserved by the descendants.

Today the winery is a perfect microcosm, from the vineyard to the bottle, all under the eyes of the visiting guests. A vine row of Garganega and Corvina, which are the basis for the red and the white wines, greets the guests on the main door in front of the planted fields. The vineyards spread out for about 77 hectares in the heart of the classic Custoza D.O.C. The microclimate is influenced by the proximity to the Lake and this constant ventilation, helps insure a healthy harvest.

Everything contributes to the sensations enclosed in the bottles of these wines from Verona.