The legend of Lacryma Christie

When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he grabbed a piece of it. As Lucifer fell, chunks of paradise landed on Mt. Vesuvius. When Jesus, in heaven, saw what had happened, he wept tears of sadness. When his tears hit the ground, vines sprouted on the slopes of the volcano. Those are the vines called “lacryma christi”.

In a winery within the historic Vesuvio Nation Park; ancient roots play an important role in the philosophy of the Sorrentino family.

Beginning in the nineteenth century, the story came to life with Grandmother Benigna as a young woman determined not to follow the country life lived by her parents, but who, during WWII, rediscovered her passion for nature and for the cultivation of grapevines. Everything began with the management of the property “moggio” where Grandmother conserved all the ungrafted native vine varieties, and many other varieties of fruit and vegetables, that today the company treasures. Paolo Sorrentino and his wife Angela inherited the family assets and with a lot of love for the production of Vesuvian wines, fruit and vegetable cultivations, they recovered all the varieties conserved by their ancestors.