Welcome to Circa Wines

A wine broker serving New Hampshire, Circa Wines enjoys collaborating with environmentally conscious wineries with a proven dedication to integrity, honest business practices and customer satisfaction.

Circa Wines loves that new friendships develop during tastings, wine appreciation classes at your local wine shop, and wine dinners at restaurants. It is our mission to share with our clientele a deep thirst for wine appreciation and knowledge, and to contribute to this community through our diverse and excellent selection of domestic and imported wines.

Conversations and debates across stores, restaurants and blogs speak to a new definition of community, reflecting on the knowledge and excitement of generations of wine drinkers. This knowledge is enriched by time spent with family, friends, food, and wine around the dinner table. We welcome your participation in this thriving community.

We encourage you to try our wines at a tasting, a special event, or from a hand-picked wine list. Join Circa Wines online and start a conversation with us – we’d love for you to sample some new, unique wines and share each fascinating story.

Sheila and Circa Wines